Sunday, 24 January 2010

Mission tidy up!!!

Ooo check me out, i don't post for months and then post twice in one day!
So anyway my mission for the next week (or more!!!!!!) is to sort out our conservatory!
It is meant to be my workroom, but my desk and the floor are buried under all sorts!
Here are some bad pictures . . . . . . .

A friendly parrot lives in the corner!
Some lovely plants that i forgot about!The one on the right is a chilli plant i grew from some seeds!doesnt look to happy does it, but there are a couple of chillis hanging on!!!!

Trusty my little ponies!

My illuminous green dummy!love it!and folders stuffed with scrappy patterns, one day ill neaten them up!
I think these are leftover from my birthday, which was in october!!!!They have got the hungry caterpillar on them!Lots of boxes stuffed full of fabrics and half made bits and pieces!
Good luck me!!!!!!

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  1. Wow, your knickers look so pretty :)
    Where will you be selling next?!