Sunday, 24 January 2010

Overdue We Make London pictures!!!!

Its a bit overdue but i thought i would post a couple of pictures of my stand i had at the We Make London christmas craft fair back in december!
It was a really ace day, and there was a great atmosphere as well, so many cute and quirky stalls,and so many talented people.
I amazed myself and didnt go crazy buying everything!Wow!
I did by some fab things off the stall opposite me though! Cool4cats:amazing card kits!
They made great christmas presents, my brother got the Walking terror Robot, and my dad got Feeding Time at the Zoo!

I would love to do the summer fair but im going to be at Glastonbury!Woooooo!

yer. . . . . anyway heres some pics!

I had a couple of antique drawers which i used to display some of the knickers and brooches. I think they worked pretty well and the handles were good to tie my bunting to!
I think it would be great to have a drawer for each size knicker eventually although would probably be a nightmare to haul around!!

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